Marlena Mystique

Fronted by powerhouse Marlena Mystique, Euphorium pumps out high-energy progressive symphonic rock music. Every song features the sounds of a full orchestra and some even include a choir, but make no mistake, the style is hard rock.

The unmistakable sound of a vintage Hammond B3, overdriven guitars, drums, bass and more, make the rock portions very powerful, with beautiful symphonic instruments rounding out the sounds.

Marlena will sing softly one moment, then belt it out the next.

Euphorium is a feast for the ears that will get your heart pumping.

Our Music

Euphorium EP#1 - Buy three tracks for just $2.50

Euphorium's first EP includes 'The Portal', 'Mystified' and 'The Revealing', all powerhouse orchestral rock songs.

These songs will be included on the first official release of a full album which is being worked on now.

Euphorium EP#2 - Coming soon . . .


Euphorium's second EP is in production. Music from both EPs, plus some additional tracks, will make up the first full album.

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