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Euphorium's music has been compared to Evanescence, Nightwish, Epica and other European symphonic metal bands. There is an element of gothic rock mixed in with progressive hard-edged rock, usually blended with a healthy dose of orchestral and operatic sounds.

Have a listen . . .

About Euphorium

Euphorium is a Canadian indie band.

They began as a progressive rock project but soon evolved into Symphonic Metal with the addition of a powerhouse lead vocalist and a harder edged sound.

The band is working on their debut album and expects to have it completed later in 2023.

Comments on the song, 'The Vortex is Closing'...

"Great vocals and great potential. Reminded me of Nightwish."

"The powerful vocals in this energetic song create an amazing experience filled with vibes. The beat and the instrumental are all fire. Also, the lyrics are audible and meaningful and the sound quality is excellent."

"That's an eerie opening and it's freaking me out. Those whispers and harsh chords! And I like those vocals and lyrics about entrapment. Very ominous and rather hypnotic. I also like the singer's accent."

"I liked that it was a female fronted rock/metal song. I thought the vocals were solid"

"Whenever I feel lost, your songs give me confidence. You have set a new standard with this performance. Indeed incredible singing skills. Can't appreciate it enough!"

"The hard work you put into this performance shows. All the best. I can listen to your voice over and over again. It's so good."

"The mysterious beginning to the song left me in awe the way they were able to capture my attention. I thought the singers voice was also very entertaining"

"This was a great song. It was powerful. It was serious. The female singer had a great voice. I loved the piano playing. A hit all the way."

"I like this song and this song composing is very nice. Listening to this song makes me want to hear it again and again."

And taken from recent reviews...

"Anni's seamlessly cutting vocal lines..."

"...enough raw power in her vocal lines they could be used as a natural energy source."

"Anni is gorgeously vulnerable and unfuckwithable in the same harmonically pitched breath."